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Shoreline Repair

Rip rap is natural stone used to protect shorelines from erosion. Shoreline erosion is an entirely natural process that is constantly evolving the terrain along lakes, streams, and rivers. It is the gradual or sometimes more rapid removal of sediments along a shoreline. Erosion can be caused by several factors including high winds, waves, stormy weather, ice, shifting temperatures, run off, and loss of vegetation. Rip rap has a soft, pleasant, natural looking appearance that beautifies your property while protecting your shoreline. The rocks give your property a finished look. Rip rap can be done year-round, even during the freezing months, as there is little to no damage to your lawn!


Our rip rap technique is applicable to many different types of shorelines. Our stone generally ranges in size from 6”-12” which is ideal for river and inland lake shorelines. Our dedicated and efficient team excavates the shoreline to the proper grade. We then secure a filter fabric to the shoreline to prevent erosion of existing soil under the newly laid stone. Once the shoreline is adequately secured, we complete the rip rap install for you to enjoy your new shoreline on and off the water!

Shoreline repair
Rip Rap Shoreline
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