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Retaining Walls

There are few things in landscape that are as timeless and attractive as a boulder retaining wall. Boulders do not suffer from weathering or erosion with harsh climate changes. Some clients need them to strengthen sloped terrains while others desire them just for decorative purposes or dividing up areas of their property. The most common function of boulder retaining walls is the prevention of soil erosion. Below is a list of just some of the incredible advantages of building a boulder retaining wall on your property!


  • They offer natural drainage. Using boulders ensures that excess water can drain through the wall.

  • They showcase the raw beauty of natural stones in many shapes, sizes and colors. The average boulder we use for retaining walls is three to four feet around and weighs approximately three thousand pounds.

  • They are built to last and provide a sense of strength and sturdiness. Boulder retaining walls are the oldest type of retaining wall and have the longest life span.

  • ​They will keep soil in place on your property and strengthen a sloped terrain

  • ​They can be budget friendly as they can be constructed from field stones.

Boulder Retaining Wall
Retaining wall with Walkway and steps
Retaining wall surrounding a firepit patio
Boulder Retaining wall
Retaining wall with steps
Boulder retaining wall
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